Rhino Extractions is an OLCC licensed small batch craft Processor located in Eugene Oregon. We specialize in in crafting clean and smooth smoking terp laden extracts. Our primary focus is on creating clean products that the oregon cannabis community can have faith in being of high quality and standard.

Rhino Extractions is committed to BHO extraction for one simple reason! We feel strongly that it provides the highest quality and best tasting product being made with today’s technology.  The advantage of butane is that it does not strip the entirety of the plant’s material.

Butane’s molecules dissolve not just the cannabinoids but also the whole spectrum of lighter more volatile terpene compounds from the plant into the concentrate. This means the hash will maintain a strain specific smell, taste, and high if you use butane as a hydrocarbon agent.



Rhino branded hash is made from “Live Resin”. Live resin concentrates are almost always made with BHO. Live resin differs from other extracted concentrates because of the material used. Rhino hand selects and uses plants and strains that we buck. seal, and freeze at subzero temperatures with in 24 hours of harvest

This is the best way to preserve the greatest amount of terpenes the plant provides. The material is ran as a frozen product using super chilled butane. We personally prefer to purge our live resin in scientific grade vacuum ovens and finish with a sugared wax or shatter. We find that this method produces a truer representation of the actual bud on every level, plus keeps longer. We also produce diamonds through a recrystallization process that we serve in a sauce. This is also a wonderful method for strain replication.

There are over a dozen different kinds of cannabis concentrates using a closed loop BHO extraction system. Most of these are made using cured buds or trim. The primary difference is how they are finished after the extraction process.



Affordability doesn’t have to suck!

We still enjoy good-ole-fashion shatter and wax that is highly dewaxed eliminating most, if not all, fats and lipids. Our Hash Bros line is a tribute to the tech we learned as young extraction techs working in the early days of Washington’s legalization boom! This is where you’ll find value without giving up quality. Affordability shouldn’t have to suck. Check out our Hash Bros page on this site for more info.



For more information on our products and where to purchase them please contact us today and someone will be in touch asap.